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06-02-2013, 11:29 AM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2013 11:34 AM by Mark.)
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The purpose of this forum is for people who have an interest in Custom Cowboy Boots and Custom Shoes to openly discuss issues of the trade. All leather craftsmen and women are invited to participate.

This forum is for the exchange and sharing of information, methods and ideas about the craft. It should not be used as a "soapbox" by you, or by others on your behalf. However, there is nothing wrong by saying "congratulations" or "well done!"

I am not a craftsman, but I do know that there is more than one way to make a pair of boots, shoes, etc. There are thousands of people in the craft all over the world, each with their own way of doing a certain job. Please remember that, and appreciate these differences. It is whatever works best for you at this stage in the craft.

Also remember that the internet in many ways is a great form of communication and in other ways, a poor way of communication. Be careful how you say something, or how you read something.

This forum is not supported by any organization, or organized group. Hopefully, this will be a growing forum, so changes in it may occur in the future.

Lessons to Live By in the Forum

(1) Respect each other and be friendly: no harsh tones needed, no name calling (except in fun and jest, but don't get carried away!). Respect people who have more experience in the discussion - they deserve it. They are not always absolute, but they have probably seen more. When you have done wrong, don't be afraid to say "I am sorry," it shows you are a better person. We are all friends, and want everyone to feel comfortable, learn, inform, share knowledge, and have fun.

(2) No vulgarity in words, jokes or photos - nothing you would want your five-year-old to see or hear.

(3) Please, no discussion of politics or religion! If you want to do that, make your own forum. Other than giving thanks to people who serve their country, or wishing happy holidays, please keep the postings on topic.

If you do not follow 1,2, & 3 above, your post may be deleted in part or total, and you may be asked to apologize. Refusal to apologize can lead to temporary dismissal. Constant violations of 1 & 2 can lead to permanent dismissal. This will be discussed privately.

This forum is not a democracy, but it is not a tyranny. Any comments or suggestions will be welcomed and considered by the admin / moderator, but please do it by email.

Try not to use big words, but if you must, provide a definition and you are only allowed one big word per post. Mis-spelling and flawed used of the English language is accepted -- in fact, it's expected and required!!

Thank you,

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